Periodic House of Elements

Single Family Home One planet, one community, one home inspired and composed by the elements… A periodic house of elements is a zero carbon home designed to take advantage of daylight and natural ventilation, while allowing for material flexibility. The homeowner has the option of choosing different materials for their home, be it fit for aesthetics and/or cost efficiency; while still maintaining a zero carbon standard. The materials table serves as a guide or catalog to the many sustainable materials found in the market today, but preference should be given to local and regional materials. The materials range from different paint, wood, concrete, metals, glass and recycled content. The beauty of the periodic material table is its progressive growth over time. As materials are discovered, the green market will grow, and so should the table. The table’s expansion is dependent on us; therefore as a community we can better our homes for the future.

Periodic Table of Elements
with MBH Architects

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